Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Night in Olde Madrid

So last night for St. Valentine's Day we went out to eat at a restaurant called Olde Madrid here in Racine that we had never been to before.

It is a Spanish restaurant featuring Tapas and Paella.

Michelle had a glass of Abrazo Garnacha while I had Sprite.

To start with we were served a basket of small breads with a orangey spread which turned out to be a mild red pepper hummus.
Our first Tapas to arrive was Baked Goat Cheese in a homemade tomato basil sauce served with toasted baguettes.
The second course was Totilla Espanola, a Spanish style quiche with bacon, potatoes and onions.
Our final Tapas was Almond Crusted Cod, tender cod filets rolled in slivered almonds and herbs, served with a dill sauce.

Paella is a traditional Spanish dish containing an assortment of vegetables and saffron rice plus whatever extra ingredients you would like. This is mixed and then needs to simmer over a low heat for 25 minutes. We figure the restaurant must have 12-18 burners in the back to handle to amount of pans we saw come out.
We tried the Salmon Paella which includes fresh grilled salmon and shrimp, tossed with a white wine and Spanish Seasonings.

To finish the evening off Michelle had the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake and I had Plantana al Carmaleo, a sauteed banana with caramel sauce and ice cream. It even had thin slices of grapes on the banana!

Discussing the meal today we can't decide which Tapas was best so have determined that a follow-up visit will be necessary, especially because they did not have any Gazpacho and we need to try the Seville Crab Cakes and Spanish Meatballs and Pork Scallopini and Serrano Ham Wrapped Potatoes and the Empanada's and at *least* two other kinds of the Paella.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kitten Update 02-08-2009

It's very quiet around here tonight.

Two weekends ago Fermi went to Petco again on Saturday. He does not like to travel and was being a big butt-head to the other kittens there, hissing and swatting them. He even reached out and smacked a teenegaer on the cheek while she was holding him. Carolyn took him home and got him fixed on the following Tuesday and since then he has been living in the Kindred Kitties storefront in downtown Kenosha.

Last weekend the NY Boys represented Kindred at the Great Lakes Pet Expo. You can see pictures here, but none of our booth.
Sunday they went to Petco but nobody got adopted.
Yesterday I drove them down to Petco again and within the first 15 minutes a family with four kids had decided to adopt Bronx! They also have a 13 year old cat.
By the end of the day a boy who decided he wanted a grey cat for his 18th birthday present took home Brooklyn!
Today I drove the remaining two back again.
A nice couple adopted Manhatten and the family with the four kids came back and said the Bronx seemed lonely so they adopted Yonkers!

We are down to just our four tonight - Gitana, Wooster, Jeeves and Sunshine. I just realized that I have not posted and pictures of Sunshine yet. She is our oldest cat, being 10 years old who we got just after we moved into our house. You can see her Catster profile here. Our first cat Stormy also has a page there.