Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kitten Update 5/27/08

Here are the names we finally decided on, all from a road map of Kentucky we have.

Mom is Magnolia.
Little Boy #1 is Lexington (Lex)
Little Girl #1 is Livia.
Little Boy #2 who passed away last week would have been Louisville.
Little Girl #2 was Cynthianna but she got sick and died last Saturday.

Right now the condo is in our Computer Room because it is going to drop down into the 30s tonight!
(Who decided to skip from Spring to Fall?!?!!?)

Little Lex is not doing so well, he is showing some of the same signs - losing weight, not nursing, messy eyes, breathing through his mouth - that his brother and sister did.
We are giving him some of the Clavamox we are dosing Magnolia with for her sneezing and have started hand feeding him KMR formula, hoping for a better outcome with him.
He is definitely perking up as we give him the KMR,squirming and meowing at Michelle, so everybody keep their fingers crossed!

Edit 5/28/08: Unfortunately little Lex was not strong enough and he passed away this morning.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Woo Hoo! I'm an Early Reviewer again!

I got another email from LibraryThing today!

"Congratulations. You've snagged an Early Reviewers copy of Dragon Forge: The Draconic Prophecies, Book 2 by James Wyatt.You should get your copy in the mail shortly. The publishers ship the books directly--some are speedier than others, so please be patient!

We hope you find the time to read the book and review it on LibraryThing. You are free--indeed encouraged--to put your review on your blog, or wherever else you want, and to talk about it in the Early Reviewers group. I want to repeat that, although writing a review will help your chances of getting more books, the actual content of your review will not.

We hope you like the book! Let me know if you have any questions.


Here is the link to Wizard's of the Coast's description of the book.

I really should post my reveiw of the first book I got which I have about 85% written :)
Watch for it this weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kitten Update 5-21-08

Another day of Highs and Lows on the kitten front.

Low: Last night little Hero passed away.
The veterinarian did some tests on her and determined that she had caught a virus and she was not strong enough to fight it off. She did test negative for Distemper so we do not have to worry about her siblings or any of the other cats in the house.

High: Beatrice and Benedick were both adopted over the weekend and have permanent homes.

High: We found out the story behind the Kentucky babies.
There is a Humane Society in Kentucky with a large number of dogs and cats that they could not take care of. They were going to have to start putting the excess animals to sleep so the word went out on the no kill animal shelter network that the animals were available. A Kindred Kitties volunteer drove down to Kentucky and picked up 5 mother cats that were pregnant or had recently had their litters and drove them back to Kenosha. Our new set is one of those rescued families.

High: We have decided to be name our litter after towns in Kentucky but have not finalized the names yet.
When we do watch this space for the pictures!

Low and High: The two Soccer Kittens Parminder and Keira are going up for adoption on Saturday at Petco. It's great that they are going to their real homes but we sure are going to miss the patter of little paws in our bedroom. I guess 6 cats is a *couple* too many :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Sad with The Fun

Fostering kittens is not all fun.

We noticed last night that one of the little orange boys was not as active as the other three kittens.
This morning he was barely crawling and making low sounds, not quite meows.
Michelle had the day off so she headed to Kindred Kitties' preferred veterinarian but by the time she got there, he was already gone.
The Mom and the other 3 kittens are still doing fine.

We have also heard that little Hero has a temperature and diarrhea and is under the care of a vet.

On a better note, Claudio was adopted this weekend from the Kenosha Petco and is living in his new home.

Monday, May 19, 2008

New kittens have arrived!

Karen and Darin dropped off our new foster family on Sunday night.

Mom is a very long skinny Tortoise Shell cat.
Two daughters are also Torties.
Two sons are orange all over.

She hissed a bit when she got there but I'm sure it's just from the car trips.
She and the kids supposedly are from Kentucky?! I'll report here when I find out more on that story.
By bedtime, when we had to give Mom some Albon to take care of her sneezing, she was all purrs, bumping her head against our hands.
The kids are about 3 weeks old.

None of the five have names yet.

Who stole the Custard?!?!

So Saturday night we went on our standard "Date".
Dinner at Noodles & Company and then out for Custard.
N&C was fine - Pesto Cavatappi with Parmasan Crusted Chicken for me, Japanese Pan Noodels with Beef for Michelle.
We then left for Old Dutch Custard on County Hwy C but when we got there they were closed! And I mean closed as in out of business with a big For Sale sign out front.
Well, we thought, we'll go try Paesano's Custard next to the Racine Airport which we have been meaning to do.
Strike Two! Paesano's is boarded up too.
Well, there's the new ice cream place on 4 Mile Road next to the new butcher.
Strike Three! It's 8:30pm on a Saturday and the lights are off! We didn't even pull into the parking lot to check the hours.

We ended up at Dairy Queen on Hwy. 32 as as we stood in line, it started to rain. Michelle ran for the car but darn it! I wanted a blizzard so I stuck it out.

For our next date we will either go to the Noodles & Company at 27th and Oklahoma which is next to Leon's Custard or the N&C on 76th near Southridge so we can go to Kopp's Custard Stand.

Edit May 27th: I swung past the custard stand on 4 Mile Road and they are still in business, they just close at 8 pm.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hero - Escape Artist

We got a call this afternoon from our friend Karen.
Our set of four kittens were broken up today, with Claudio going to the Kenosha Petco, Beatrice and Benedick headed to PetSmart in Northern IL and Hero went to the Petco in Lake Geneva.
Within 5 minutes of putting Hero into the cage, she figured out how to squeeze through the bars and take off down the aisle!
Karen said that her husband Darin was going to be holding Hero for the rest of the afternoon and Hero showed no problems with complying with that :)

Kitten Update 5/17/08

The "Much Ado" kittens spent their day yesterday with our friend Liz as kitten sitter and then were tested and given their final shots.
Today they will be taken to Petco in Kenosha to find new homes.
If they do not get adopted today or tomorrow they will either go to the Kindred Kitties storefront or to Carolyn's House. Carolyn is the founder of KK.
*But* yesterday when Liz's boyfriend Eric got home from work he appeared to bond with little Claudio. Is there a possible home there? We will see.

Today is cleanup day. We need to clean the vacated Kitty Kondo, as well as the normal weekend mowing, litter duty, vacuuming, laundry, etc etc etc.
We also need to straighten and kitten proof our garage because the next litter is coming! Sunday night our friends and fellow volunteers Karen and Darin and bringing over a mother cat with four kittens for us to take care of for KK.
Karen and Darin are the ones who raise the pure-bred cats whose cat Captain Morgan became a Grand Champion in Asia.
They are going on vacation for a week in June and we will be taking care of one of their purebreds who recently gave birth.

Spring is kitten season!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Naming of Kittens Part 2

As I mentioned in this post it's sometimes hard to name our foster kittens.
After our 5 boys left we got a set of two sisters to watch over.

They were very friendly right from the start but no names came immediately to mind.
Their fur is a light calico underneath with tabby stripes over the top. (Calibbys? Tablicos?)
These are some of the most elegant looking kittens we have had.

We considered naming them for the two sisters from Parent Trap but their names were Sharon and Susan and we have the name Susan reserved for a 3 boy/3 girl litter in the future. (Can anyone guess the TV show?)

Next we thought about the two sisters that sang the song "Sisters" in White Christmas.
"Lord help the Mister, who comes between me and my Sister. And Lord help the Sister, who comes between me and my Man!"
The names of those two characters are Betty and Judy which weren't right either. The names of the two actress are Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen, not much better.

The second night in our house we had the girls running around in the bathroom. We brought out our Tub'O'Kitten Toys and gave them their choice. They both instantly grabbed a tiny Koosh Ball and started playing Football with them. (That's Soccer for our American Readers).
We realized they should be named after the heroines of Bend It Like Beckham.
A quick glance showed the two characters were "Jules" and "Jes" which are too similar so we named them after the actresses.

The larger of the two sisters is Keira Knightley. Keira is now best known as "Elizabeth Swan" in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Our Keira is a tough little girl who takes no back talk from the boys in the other litter, wrestling and jumping on them during combined play times.

The smaller sister is Parminder Nagra. Parminder has gone on the star on ER as Dr. Neela Rasgotra.
Our Parminder's nose is actually half light and half dark like in the picture, it's not an optical illusion. She is always eating but is staying small, a very dainty little lady.

These kittens will be with us at least through Memorial Day weekend and will probably be the last that will need to live inside out bedroom suite.
It should be warm enough to set up the Kitty Kondos in the garage by then, and our permanent cats will be happy to be able to sleep with us again.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Obviously not taken today :)

Sad House In Snow
December 30th 2007

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Much Ado About Kittens

The naming of kittens can be a difficult thing.

It took us several days to name the second set of kittens we got this summer. (More about them next post).
We never did come up with names for the first set of 5 little sick boy kittens we took care of.
This third set of kittens were a breeze though!
There are two little boys and two little girls.
One brother & sister are very outgoing and the others are quieter.
We turned once again to the Immortal Bard of Avon for names and picked a set from one of our favorite films "Much Ado About Nothing".

Benedick, the comic male lead of the play was portrayed in the movie by Kenneth Branaugh.
Kenneth has since gone on to star in movie version of Hamlet, Othello, Love's Labours Lost, Wild, Wild West and was Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Our Benedick is a grey tabby with a white tummy and a brown nose.
He is always eating and is growing very rapidly.
He is very possessive of his toys. Whenever another kittens tries to take his he growls just like a tiny tiger.

Beatrice, the comic female lead of play was portrayed by Emma Thompson.
Emma has been in Sense and Sensibility, Love Actually and was Professor Sybil Trelawney in both Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and HP and the Order of the Phoenix.

Our Beatrice is a creamy white kitten.
She is slowly turning darker, though her eyes still appear pinkish in certain lighting.

Claudio, the romantic male lead was played by Robert Sean Leonard, now best known as Dr. James Wilson on House.

Our Claudio is a grey tabby with a white tummy and a pink nose, slightly smaller than his brother Benedick.
Claudio has become a great explorer, being the first kitten to climb the outside of their Kitty Kondo and the first one in the bathtub.

Hero, the female romantic lead was portrayed by Kate Beckinsale.
Since Much Ado she has starred in Serendipity, Pearl Harbor, Van Helsing and both Underworld movies.

Our Hero is a small calico kitten.
She is the quietest and was the most skittish of the four but has become much more friendly in the couple of weeks we have had them.
She loves to bump noses!

These four kittens are now old enough for adoption and will be at the Petco in Kenosha, WI on Saturday and Sunday May 17th and 18th, or you can contact Kindred Kitties or email us: capnfrank AT sbcglobal.net

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Guess Who's 6!

Bertram Wilberforce Wooster
birthdate : May 1, 2002

Wooster (As he's known to his friends) originally belonged to Frank's co-worker who named him Harley because of his loud purring.
Wooster was getting into trouble at John's house. He was an only cat and he got bored during the day, so he was acting up, chewing on furniture.
He came for a visit to see if he got along with our 3 cats and he obviously did because he is still here!

As Woo has gotten older he has put on a bit of weight and has developed asthma, but he has no problems taking his medicine once a day in a chewy tuna or liver treat and he is doing much better now. He has even stopped snoring!

You can see Wooster's Catster profile here.