Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Kitten Season!

A quick foster kitten update:

Rosamunde who we had living in our bedroom for over a year is no longer with us.
She had gotten *very* attached to me, meowing constantly as soon as I walked in the door from work.
Trish, another Kindred Kitties volunteer was in the same situation with Little Bear and Oochie Smoochie, 2 girls that were adopted but were returned because they were so shy.
We swapped cats and after a week and a half the girls are coming out from under the bed and will allow us to pet them little, but it will be several more weeks of socialization before we try to adopt them out again.

Walker is an 8 year old cat who was hanging out on Milwaukee's East Side after having been dumped. He was very skinny but is very friendly. He has some dental problems and will require special care in the future so we might have him long-term. He is staying in our Computer Room, but does come out and mingles with our 5 permanent cats for a couple of hours at a time.

Banu (Perisan for Princess) was found in a parking structure on 3 Mile Road in Racine and was picked up by a nice woman and dropped off with us. A Silver Tabby she was at our house only a couple of days before moving to another foster's. She was adopted from Petco two weeks later!

Tonight we are getting four new 8 week old kittens who will be in a kitty kondo until we determine they are all healthy and we go up for adoption in a month or so.
Time to pick more names.....

Pictures to follow!

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moml said...

I have heard rumors of the names you have choosen and I look forward to hearing the final choice.
Cute kitties!!