Sunday, March 16, 2008

Larisa's got a home!

Our first foster family of kittens for 2007 arrived on March 17th. A family here in Racine was moving back to Serbia and could not take their female cat, Larisa, who had just given birth to 3 girls and a boy.
Here are the girls: Natasha, Svetlana and Tatiana:

and here is Boris:
Larisa was such a good mother that our friend Karen, a cat breeder, brought over one of her pure-bred kittens to stay and be socialized. He was very small and soon was named "Little Tyke":
After the kittens were grown and adopted Larisa was fixed and went to live in the Kindred Kitties adoption center at Carolyn's House. The volunteers there quickly found out the Larisa does not like other cats, and she was picking on them and getting into fights.
When we heard this we volunteered to let Larisa live in our upstairs Bedroom/Bathroom area where she has been since last September or so.
We have been keeping our sweater boxes on the inside of the door and blankets and pillows on the outside because she would hiss and poke at our cats.
Since we adopted Gitana it has gotten worse, with the 2 of them going at it nearly every morning somewhere between 4 and 6 am!
Michelle has been taking her to Petco and Cat Shows on the weekends to try and find a home where she will be an only cat.
After several possibilities, it has finally worked out.
She is going to be living with a single guy in Kenosha and where she can be the ruler of her own domain!

Good Luck Queen Larisa!


moml said...

Bon Voyage!! You have the well wishes of all you human being and feline cousins. It will be good to
have the doors open again!!

yoursweetsoulmate said...

Yes! It is true! Larisa's new daddy adopted her yesterday. An older gentleman who owns a house and lives alone came in to Petco with a list of possible new companions that he compiled from the Kindred Kitties website. (Larisa wasn't on his list) however, when talking with him, Sandy and Carolyn discovered that Larisa fit all the characteristics this gentleman was looking for in a cat! Then I arrived at Petco with Larisa and Larisa was placed in his arms, it was instant contentment! Larisa buried her head in the guy's coat! We talked about Larisa's personality and her history... and I almost cried with joy when he said he wanted to adopt her! I have very good feelings that this is an adoption that will last forever. I think Larisa has found her forever home! Blessings to God for helping us find her a forever home!