Sunday, March 30, 2008

Make Your Own TV Season!

We don't watch much live television any more.
We had cable but dumped it for DirecTV.
We dropped DirecTV for NetFlix.
Our TV picks up only the local NBC, Fox, ABC and PBS stations - no CBS, CW or WB.
The only cable/satellite channel we miss is BBCAmerica.

The only shows that get regularly watched live are Heroes, Chuck and The Office.
Heroes and Chuck got delayed until the fall season by the writer's strike but The Office returns April 10th!

Thanks to NetFlix and so many TV series coming out on DVD, we have decided to make our own television season.
It's easier to watch one episode during dinner than a whole movie.
We have worked out way through Mr. Bean, Black Adder, Love For Lydia, Monarch of the Glen, and the new Robin Hood.
Shows that started and were cancelled after only one episode include Pink Lady and Jeff (a very bad 70s variety show) and The Mighty Isis.

Our current schedule:
Sunday: Masterpiece Theatre on Disc - currently showing Danger: UXB
Monday: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Tuesday: unassigned
Wednesday: unassigned
Thursday: The Office (when the new shows start we will watch the current one, then an old episode)
Friday: probably never to be assigned - every other week is Dungeons & Dragons gaming night.
Saturday: Arrested Development

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