Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Look Who's 1!

Gitana Marcella Laycock, born 7/07/2007

Our little girl, all grown up and is officially a cat and no longer a kitten.

Her birthday was yesterday, but between me cooking the birthday dinner (Tortilla-encrusted Tilapia, Shoepeg corn, Spanish Rice, non-alcoholic Peach wine and then yellow cake with chocolate frosting with vanilla ice cream for the humans and a *WHOLE* can of tuna for Gitana) and then trying to take her official birthday portrait (I might post some of the outtakes later) and then a thunderstorm rolling in, I did not get a chance to post this last night.
You can read more about Gitana here.


moml said...

She is such a pretty cat. As small and delicat as she
is Gitana still looks mighty young if you ask me.
That was quite a birthday dinner! Yum!

moml said...

Gitana will be dead and gone before we hear about
her and the rest of your crowd again. Where are

livrogatto said...

hello? ello? ello? ello?

moml said...

Is Gitana still with us? Are you?

moml said...

Yeeeee Gods! It will be time for another birthday dinner.