Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

It snowed today.
*A Lot*
Michelle got home from work about 2:30am and shoveled the driveway and by the time we went out this morning at 7 you could not tell she had done anything.
So we shoveled half of the driveway - enough to get my little Kia Spectra 5 out to the street, which took about 1/2 an hour.
I backed out and got stuck in the middle of Sunshine Lane, but was able to rock back and forth and get going again.
I went around the corner, down the block and was making the second turn and got stuck so bad in the middle of the intersection that I called Michelle to come down and help me out.
The Spectra was too light and too low to travel without it being plowed.
At this point I decided to not go to work today which is probably the first time weather has stopped me since I was living in Hales Corners - roughly '92 or '93.
Then it was 10 below zero with wind chills in the negative 30s and my car would not start for 3 days, even with a new battery.
After I shoveled the car out today with the help of a nice lady who had a snow blower we got the Spectra 5 turned around and back to the garage.
The plows came through about 11:30 so I ate lunch, went out and shovelled again and hit the road around 12:30.
I made it to Rockwell at 1:45, a trip that normally takes about 30 minutes.
I put in 4 hours and came home and had to shovel again and will be heading out shortly to shovel a 4th time today so Michelle can get in easier after work.
I'll try and take some pictures of the piles of snow and post them tomorrow.

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moml said...

Wow. What a winter. Our drifts are very close to the
window sills. Dad just emailed the Rep to say we
will not be in for ushering tonight. This is a first time
for us since we are out here in West Bend. The
wind and chill factor is very difficult for Dad with
his asthma. I'm glad you are managing. I wish your
snow blower was helping you. Hang in there. This
too shall pass.