Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Great American Songbook (as sung by cats)

Did somebody mention kittens in a last post? :)

It's spring so once again we have kittens that we are fostering for Kindred Kitties.

Our first cat of the year is Rosamund.

She is about a year old. Her family lost their home to foreclosure and when they moved into an apartment they kept their dog but turned their female cat (who they were calling Buster) over to Kindred. Rosamund was *very* unhappy about living with us and since we had just watched the BBC adaption of George Eliot's Middlemarch we named her after the young blond troublemaker in that story. Since we have gotten her fixed she has settled down a lot and can now be annoyingly nice, sitting on my book while I am trying to read.
She does not travel well or get along with other kitties so she is with us until the population drops at the Kindred storefront in downtown Kenosha.

Our first set of kittens for the year were also victims of a foreclosure. A family lost their house and gave their cat and 5 newborn kittens to their neighbor. After a week they called Kindred and we got the 8 week old kittens while the mom went stright to get fixed and then adopted.
We decided to name them after great 20th century American composers.
These five kittens went up for adoption on May 9th and were all taken by May 13th!
One family took two of them.

Cole Porter

Cole is now known as "Tigger" and was adopted right out of carrier as soon as he arrived at PetCo, not even getting into one of the display cages. He is living with 4 other cats and 3 children.

George Gershwin

Irving Berlin

Vivian Kubrick

Jerome Kern

Jerome was the last one adopted and could have been adopted twice, a family who adopted one of the others came back to get him too but he had already left with a family an hour before.

Action shot!

In the litter pan back to front are Irving, Jerome and George. Vivian is about to exit the Kitty Kondo and Cole is eating.

We now have another set of kittens but that's a subject for another post.

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Nothing cuter than kittens unless it is a new batch
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