Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pictures from a Caledonian Garden

So the new kittens haven't sat still long enough to get their pictures taken yet so here are some of my flowers.

The first fall after we put in the grass and flower beds I planted about 400-500 bulbs - daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and tulips. I love bulbs - just plant and forget! Sadly, the voles also love my bulbs and most of the tulips have been eaten. Here's a couple that haven't.

Our Irises have done pretty well. Most have not bloomed yet, here's an early one.

This is a new plant for us this year. My parents bought us some bulbs for our anniversary last summer and the Allium made it. I tried planting some 5 years ago or so and they never came up.

This is not a flower. This is Sunshine "Miss Frecklenose" Laycock watching out the back door to make sure Daddy refills the bird feeder. We call this "Paying The Cable Bill" because our cats love to watch the Nature Channel!


Olya said...

pretty flowers! pretty kitty, too ;-)

MB said...

Gorgeous pics!

moml said...

Sunshine is a neat cat!! I'm glad your bulbs are giving you some early beauty in your garden. The al.....,
whatever, are such an interesting plant!