Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun with Cars - Not! Fun with Cats - A Lot!

So Friday night was my regular gaming night. We started a new D&D campaign, this one based in the Dragonlance world. I am playing an Elven Wizard with a cat familiar, like Hermione Granger has in the Harry Potter books. Because it took a long time for everyone to create their characters, I did not get home until after 1 AM.

Gitana was feeling lonely so I had to sit and pet her awhile before bed, so I did not get to sleep until 2 AM.

Saturday morning, Michelle got up and went off to teach a rubber stamp class to a bunch of 4-H kids while I stayed in bed.
I was woken up by the phone ringing less than 30 minutes later around 8:15 AM, although I missed answering the first 3 times it rang!
It was Michelle, who had gotten a flat tire on the way to class and needed me to come give her my car so she could get there while I waited for AAA to come change the tire. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)
I was dressed, gave Jeeves his insulin shot, grabbed breakfast (a granola bar and the Diet Dew), cleaned the gaming stuff out of the car, and was out the door in 12 minutes.
I was very cold and windy for April Saturday morning too.
I only had to wait about 5 minutes or so for the AAA guy to come and he had the tire changed in under 10 minutes.
I drove away on the tiny spare tire but the PT Cruiser was steering very poorly. After 500 feet or so I stopped and found the spare was flat!!!
I put on the hazard lights and waved my arms at the tow truck, which had not left yet.
He told me that that was the first time he had ever had that happen.
He put the PT on his flat bed and drove me and it to the Goodyear store (Richlonn's on Washington Ave.)
Three hours (and one walk to the Piggly Wiggly for a real breakfast) and was on my way home with a new tire.
I stopped to pick up more thyroid medicine for Jeeves and was home about noon.

About 12:30 we got a phone call from Kathy at Kindred Kitties, asking if we could handle a second set of kittens. These four are older than the two we already had. The four are now in the second kitten kondo in the master bathroom and the two girl's kondo has moved into the master bedroom.

Tonight is school picture night at Caledonia Cat Academy so the formal introductions with pictures and names will be coming shortly!

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moml said...

Can you handle anything else, my dears!! Whew.