Friday, April 11, 2008

Woo Hoo! I'm an Early Reviewer!

When I logged into today I had a private message.

"Congratulations. You've snagged an Early Reviewers copy of Dance in a Buffalo Skull by Zitkala-Sa.You should get your copy in the mail shortly. The publishers ship the books directly--some are speedier than others, so be patient!

We hope you find the time to read the book and review it on LibraryThing. You are free--indeed encouraged--to put your review on your blog, or wherever else you want, and to talk about it in the Early Reviewers group. I want to repeat that, although writing a review will help your chances of getting more books, the actual content of your review will not.

We hope you like the book! Let me know if you have any questions.

private comment posted by ablachly at 10:23 pm (EST) on Apr 10, 200"

Every month or so publishers offer early review copies of books to Library Thing and you can request the one you would like.
I have put in my requests every month and was finally picked!

Here is the description from the ER list:
"Dance in a Buffalo Skull by Zitkala-Sa (South Dakota State Historical Society)

Dance in a Buffalo Skull is a tale of late-night frolics, danger, and survival on the prairie. Join tiny field mice for a great feast and dance inside an old buffalo skull. Out of the dark, two fiery eyes glide through the prairie grass, drawing closer to the mice who are oblivious in their merrymaking. What happens next reveals as much about the mice as about their unexpected guest.

This Prairie Tale recreates a world in miniature, with elements of classic fairy tales and traditional fables, and its messages still resonate today. A traditional American Indian story passed orally from generation to generation, it was translated in English and written down by Zitkala-Sa in 1901.
Contemporary Lakota artist S. D. Nelson has created vibrant pictures that add drama to the story. He fuses traditional Lakota Indian styles with modern interpretations to provide visual clues to ancient words.
"The art blends Lakota tradition and modern styles to match the tall tale and bring it to life."—The Midwest Book Review

"Nelson's illustrations add to the tension between the creeping wildcat and the celebrating mice."—School Library Journal

"The narrative tension builds deliciously . . . This tale would be perfect in a scary story time, told with the lights down low."—School Library Journal

"An enjoyable story faithful to the original legend."—The Midwest Book Review"

When I get the book I will post my review here as well as at Library Thing!

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