Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kitten update 4/19/08

Kitten update 4/19/08: The kittens are not doing so well.

We got home Friday night and one of the kittens was severely dehydrated and we had to run him over to another volunteer's house for emergency care. She had IV fluids and a hot rock and some other equipment for taking care of very young kittens that we don't have.

Today a couple of the others very dragging so I hand fed them KMR and A/D prescription kitten food.
I was spending about 1/2 hour out of each 2 hour period in the bathroom taking care of the kittens.
They have diarrhea and even though they were eating they were not gaining any weight. We think they might have worms from living outside.
Because we both work and wouldn't be able to give them the care necessary on Monday we have handed them off to Peggy, the other volunteer who is retired and has more time.
When the situation clears up in a week or so, we will getting them back as we have more space at our house than Peggy has in her apartment.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....rough weekend. I'm glad you have someone
to take them too. That is hard on you two. Thanks
for the good care - they were/are so tiny. moml