Friday, January 4, 2008

Does the world need another Cat Blog?

Hi and welcome to my blog!

I am Cap'n Frank and this is my Cat Blog.

What's a Cat Blog?

First a bit of background info - I am a reading junkie - books, magazines, newspapers, websites, comic books, cereal boxes, whatever.

I recently was poking around electronic book sites and found an ebook called "Who's There? Seth Godin's Incomplete Guide to Blogs and the New Web". (You can get your own free copy at

In it he defines three types of blogs (page 16):
1) Cat Blogs
2) Boss Blogs
3) Viral Blogs

"CAT BLOGS are blogs for and by and about the person blogging."

This is definitely going to be a cat blog!
In addition to my wife and I there are 4 permanent Feline-Americans in our house and between 0-10 foster cats and kittens present at any time. There is currently one foster female cat living with us.

The last two summers my wife has been posting pictures of our current foster kittens over at her rubber stamping blog ( but she has stopped posting much there so I will be doing it here.

The other reason I am finally getting off my butt and starting a personal blog is that my 13-year-old nephew has started his own blog!

I'm not only going to be talking about cats & books but also the Wii, Tubas, board games, movies, music, webcomics and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Does the world need another Cat Blog? According to my Cats it does!

Cap'n Frank


Sam said...

it certainly does

Ginny said...

Thank you for introducing me to your cat blog, I thoroughly have enjoyed it and I look forward to learning more from it. Thanks!