Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Owls in Caledonia!

Last night as I was reading in bed I heard an owl outside my house, pretty close by.

A couple of minutes later I heard it again to the north, near the Tree Farm.

Suddenly I heard it again near the house and realizied it was two owls!

They hooted back and forth in a 5 hoot pattern (whowhowho-whowho) several times.

I'm not sure what kind they were.

There is a pack of coyotes that spend several nights a month in the Tree Farm, we can hear them howling at night.

This is another reason why we keep our cats inside at all times.


livrogatto said...

Wow, that is SO cool. I don't think I've ever heard owls here. About the craziest thing I've seen here is a possum. But in our neighborhood there are a lot of fences and stuff, so it's not like we have deer running around like Mom and Dad do. And I think we're pretty far in town for coyotes. Terriers, maybe, an occasional scotty dog or corgi.

Rod said...

We also have coyotes that roam our area.

Your owl story reminds me of a snene in My Cousin Vinnie when Joe Pesci storms out of the cabin and fires several rounds of his gun to stop an owl which keeps him awake.

Needless to say, he missed.


Your sweet soulmate said...

I like it when we hear the coyotes in the tree farm. It's actually a very cool sound.