Wednesday, January 16, 2008

@pp1e eBook? Where are you?

I want an eBook reader!
I have been looking at the Sony Reader for over year now, saving all my change.

But I knew that Amazon was coming out with one so I was waiting.
Amazon has now released the Kindle except that I think that it is just ugly, like a miniature Apple IIe with the qwerty keybaord stuck on the bottom.

I had decided to go ahead and buy the Sony but I got an email from an unnamed source who had some info from another source that a certain large computer company named after a fruit was going to introducing their own version.
The annual MacWorld Expo (which I attended in San Fran in 1990 and 1993) is this week and so far I have not seen any mention of in the coverage.
Inside Mac TV has posted the Macworld 2008 Steve Jobs Apple Keynote Highlights but nothing there :(

So do I wait another 6 months and see what Apple will do?
Or get the Sony now and take advantage of the 100 free classic books they are offering through the end of January?
Or do I forget the whole thing and start saving for this?


livrogatto said...

Oooh tough call. I guess I would wait and see. If they are offering 100 books now, they will again. And you know that any product that Apple puts out will be good quality. Do ya think you could live with paper til then?

Cheers, Mary

catbus said...

um... NO

Capn Frank said...

I have survived this long with paper, I guess I can wait for a little while longer.

FYI - catbus = Michelle and she means NO to a 150 inch TV :)