Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm off to Munster tomorrow.

Going to Munster again...

No, not Münster Germany

I wish it were Munster, Ireland :(

Not these Munsters either!

Yep, It's Munster Indiana!

Every Wednesday and Thursday for work.
My trips down there have been extended another 8 weeks, through the end of March.

Important tip: If you have to drive through Ilinois on a regular basis get an iPass! Half the cash price and saves probably 50% travel time.

It's still about a 3 hour trip so I stay overnight at the Munster Hampton Inn, which has a pool and whirlpool and free breakfast, but no cats in the room :(


moml said...

Never has Munster Ind had such a mystic and
intrigue attached to it.
I have gone through procedure so I can leave
comments - you know I need the last word.

Your sweet soulmate said...

And no wife in the room either. You forgot to mention the wife!