Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kitten Update 5-21-08

Another day of Highs and Lows on the kitten front.

Low: Last night little Hero passed away.
The veterinarian did some tests on her and determined that she had caught a virus and she was not strong enough to fight it off. She did test negative for Distemper so we do not have to worry about her siblings or any of the other cats in the house.

High: Beatrice and Benedick were both adopted over the weekend and have permanent homes.

High: We found out the story behind the Kentucky babies.
There is a Humane Society in Kentucky with a large number of dogs and cats that they could not take care of. They were going to have to start putting the excess animals to sleep so the word went out on the no kill animal shelter network that the animals were available. A Kindred Kitties volunteer drove down to Kentucky and picked up 5 mother cats that were pregnant or had recently had their litters and drove them back to Kenosha. Our new set is one of those rescued families.

High: We have decided to be name our litter after towns in Kentucky but have not finalized the names yet.
When we do watch this space for the pictures!

Low and High: The two Soccer Kittens Parminder and Keira are going up for adoption on Saturday at Petco. It's great that they are going to their real homes but we sure are going to miss the patter of little paws in our bedroom. I guess 6 cats is a *couple* too many :)

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moml said...

I wish we could meet those two but I am so
happy they are on their way to loving homes
that will be permanent.
So many cool small mountain town in Kentucky.
That is an interesting story.