Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kitten Update 5/17/08

The "Much Ado" kittens spent their day yesterday with our friend Liz as kitten sitter and then were tested and given their final shots.
Today they will be taken to Petco in Kenosha to find new homes.
If they do not get adopted today or tomorrow they will either go to the Kindred Kitties storefront or to Carolyn's House. Carolyn is the founder of KK.
*But* yesterday when Liz's boyfriend Eric got home from work he appeared to bond with little Claudio. Is there a possible home there? We will see.

Today is cleanup day. We need to clean the vacated Kitty Kondo, as well as the normal weekend mowing, litter duty, vacuuming, laundry, etc etc etc.
We also need to straighten and kitten proof our garage because the next litter is coming! Sunday night our friends and fellow volunteers Karen and Darin and bringing over a mother cat with four kittens for us to take care of for KK.
Karen and Darin are the ones who raise the pure-bred cats whose cat Captain Morgan became a Grand Champion in Asia.
They are going on vacation for a week in June and we will be taking care of one of their purebreds who recently gave birth.

Spring is kitten season!

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