Monday, May 19, 2008

Who stole the Custard?!?!

So Saturday night we went on our standard "Date".
Dinner at Noodles & Company and then out for Custard.
N&C was fine - Pesto Cavatappi with Parmasan Crusted Chicken for me, Japanese Pan Noodels with Beef for Michelle.
We then left for Old Dutch Custard on County Hwy C but when we got there they were closed! And I mean closed as in out of business with a big For Sale sign out front.
Well, we thought, we'll go try Paesano's Custard next to the Racine Airport which we have been meaning to do.
Strike Two! Paesano's is boarded up too.
Well, there's the new ice cream place on 4 Mile Road next to the new butcher.
Strike Three! It's 8:30pm on a Saturday and the lights are off! We didn't even pull into the parking lot to check the hours.

We ended up at Dairy Queen on Hwy. 32 as as we stood in line, it started to rain. Michelle ran for the car but darn it! I wanted a blizzard so I stuck it out.

For our next date we will either go to the Noodles & Company at 27th and Oklahoma which is next to Leon's Custard or the N&C on 76th near Southridge so we can go to Kopp's Custard Stand.

Edit May 27th: I swung past the custard stand on 4 Mile Road and they are still in business, they just close at 8 pm.

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