Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kitten Update 5/27/08

Here are the names we finally decided on, all from a road map of Kentucky we have.

Mom is Magnolia.
Little Boy #1 is Lexington (Lex)
Little Girl #1 is Livia.
Little Boy #2 who passed away last week would have been Louisville.
Little Girl #2 was Cynthianna but she got sick and died last Saturday.

Right now the condo is in our Computer Room because it is going to drop down into the 30s tonight!
(Who decided to skip from Spring to Fall?!?!!?)

Little Lex is not doing so well, he is showing some of the same signs - losing weight, not nursing, messy eyes, breathing through his mouth - that his brother and sister did.
We are giving him some of the Clavamox we are dosing Magnolia with for her sneezing and have started hand feeding him KMR formula, hoping for a better outcome with him.
He is definitely perking up as we give him the KMR,squirming and meowing at Michelle, so everybody keep their fingers crossed!

Edit 5/28/08: Unfortunately little Lex was not strong enough and he passed away this morning.


moml said...

i sure hope he makes it, but the Kentucky families
don't sound healthy to begin with. I'm glad he
has had your care for however long. Thanks.

moml said...

sympathy and gratitude for the time you gave him.